Section 106

What is a S106?

S106, short for Section 106, is a section of the Town & Country Planning Act of 1990 in the United Kingdom. Under this section, the local planning authority can enter into an agreement for planning obligations with a landowner, the developer and others parties with interest in the land.

What S106 have been entered into at South Acton? 

Ealing Borough Council entered into the Masterplan S106 on the 13th August 2013. Under S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and other statutes relating to land adjacent to Bollo Bridge Road, All Saints Road and Palmerston Road, South Acton. Outline permission for Phases 2-11 inclusive state the following contributions:

S106 Contributions - £50,000 per annum - A Community Chest fund is available for local groups to apply for up to £5,000 per application. This is decided upon by the community board members.

Framework Travel Plan Monitoring - £10,000 per phase - A detailed plan shall be updated prior to the occupation of each phase including the provision of disabled spaced, electrical vehicle charging points and CPZ parking control.

Car Club Membership - Acton Gardens covers the cost of membership of the car club scheme for 3 years for residents. 8 car club spaces will be available across the estate. This is a pay as you drive car club offering membership to a vehicle without any one owner. This is designed to reduce the level of car ownership whilst providing the resource when needed.

Pedestrian, Cyclist & Road Safety Improvements- £67,000 all phases - To be paid in 2 instalments to the council to improve these facilities in the local area.

New Bus Stops -£40,000 - Funding for the provisions of two pairs of new bus stops along the proposed new bus route.

MUGA - £169,438 - For the cost of creating the multi-use games area (MUGA), located between Osborne Road and Bollo Bridge Road, next to Berrymead Junior School.

Committed Sum for Upkeep of MUGA - £60,000 - For the future maintenance of the MUGA and all purpose weather pitch.

Refurb of Avenue Road public open space - £370,000 - Contributions for the refurbishment of the reconfigured Avenue Road Park.

Maintenance of Street Trees - £45,800 - To be paid in nine instalments of £5,089 to the Council.

Commuted Sum for Upkeep of North Park - £31,000 - This is a new park to be created toward the north of the estate and covers the cost for the future maintenance of this area.

Education - £729,360 - Towards the improvement of local education provision for school age children to be paid in nine separate instalment of £81,040.

Health - £550,285 - To be paid in nine instalments of £61,143 to the borough

Air Quality Monitoring - £73,300 - The provision of air quality monitoring by the Council

Total Excluding the Community Fund: £2,596,183

Some of this funding has already been used to improve local services for example where the s106 required Acton Gardens to make a total of £0.75M respectively towards education facilities, this amount has assisted with funding the improvements being made to the Berrymead Infant School.

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