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Approximately 12-18 months before homes are required for demolition, Ealing Council Officers survey residents to understand your circumstances and find out your housing needs. Initially you will be asked to complete an online survey known as ‘a housing needs survey’,we can help you complete these in person if needed. It’s very important that you complete this, as the current data we hold about your household may be out-dated. Click here for a timetable of when your building is being affected by the regeneration. This area of our website has information about all of the processes involved with your move including:

Once you have completed your household survey the team will contact you to talk about your options and you have the opportunity to talk to the teams about this process in more detail. The information gathered from the housing needs  survey helps the Council to allocate the right size home to each tenant who wishes to stay in South Acton and the right number of bedrooms for households moving elsewhere. It will also identify any special adaptions you may need in your home  and other preferences the household may have.

If you decide to move off the estate you will be given a high priority on the LOCATA system to find a new home. This will allow you at least 12 months to search and bid for a new home.

South Acton Regeneration Team staff may draw your attention to properties advertised on LOCATA you may wish to consider, and will help you bid using the website if you don’t have access to the Internet or aren’t confident using computers.

What are my Choices?

Making the right choice for you and your family is very important and the council and L&Q are here to help. You will have two options:

Move away from South Acton into an Ealing Council or housing association home elsewhere

If you chose to do this you will be given a high ‘priority banding’ on the choice-based lettings scheme known as LOCATA.  Through LOCATA you can bid for another home in the London boroughs of Ealing, Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon or Hounslow.

Move into one of the new L&Q homes

  1. If there is a new home suitable for your needs you will be allocated a new home in accordance with your needs and the rules outlined in this booklet.

Council and L&Q staff may draw your attention to suitable homes advertised on LOCATA.  They can also help you bid on the LOCATA website if you don’t have access to the Internet or aren’t confident using computers.

If you decide to move to a new home on South Acton you will be allocated a specific home that suits your needs whilst it is still being built. This allows you time to make choices about things like the kitchen units, wall and carpet colours and, in some cases, the kitchen layout. This is known as tenants’ choices.  You will be able to watch your new home being built and visit your home before you move in as soon as it is safe to do so. You may wish to read our frequently asked questions booklets available by clicking here. 

The Request to Return?

The majority of people who chose to stay in South Acton will simply move from their present home into one of the new-build homes. A few people may need to temporarily move into another council home on South Acton, or elsewhere in Ealing, until a suitable new home is built later on in the regeneration programme. If you want to move into one of the new homes on South Acton but cannot because there are no suitable homes in your moving phase, you can request to move to a new home on South Acton in a later phase. 

You can do this by filling in a ‘Request to Return’ form. Staff will speak to you nearer the time of your move and will help you complete the form if it is required.

There are some rules that apply to the Request to Return:

  1. You will have to re-apply every two years, but we will send you a reminder

  2. You will be told how likely you are to get a home in a future phase

  3. The housing needs of your household will be assessed at the time of your request. If your housing need changes during the waiting period, the council do its best to accommodate your new requirements but cannot guarantee that a suitable property will become available.

  4. The ‘request to return’ is not available if it was your choice to move elsewhere, and then you later changed your mind and decided you would like to return to South Acton.


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