Residents Compensation


You will also get a Home Loss Payment as long as you have lived in your home for at least one year before you move. The figure is set by central government and is currently £6,300. The amount may increase or decrease each year. If you have any rent arrears or other debts to the council, these may be deducted from your Home Loss Payment.

Financial assistance with moving

The council will also cover agreed costs incurred as a result of moving. These are called disturbance payments and cover the cost of:

  • Disconnection and reconnection of appliances
  • Redirection of mail for six months

  • Reconnection of phone, internet and satellite (if permitted at your new home)

  • An allowance towards carpets and curtains (currently £584 for a 1-bed, £701 for a 2-bed, £818 for a 3-bed, £935 for a 4-bed – this is reviewed by the council every October). This will not apply to the new homes being built by L&Q if carpets and blinds have been provided.

  • Moving any adaptations in your home (in conjunction with an occupational therapist)

  • Dismantling/reassembling furniture

  • Loss of wages (for unpaid leave – one tenant maximum)

  • School uniform if a change of school is needed

  • Any other reasonable expense incurred due to moving.

    Disturbance payments can only be paid on the production of a receipt or invoice marked “paid” from a VAT registered company. Where something costs more than £50 we will need three quotes unless it is a fixed cost such as BT connection charge. Payments will be made to you by cheque.

You will have 12 months from the time that you move to claim your disturbance costs. Please contact your Regeneration Officer, should you wish to discuss this matter further.

Please click here to see the answers to your frequently asked questions regarding homeloss payments and disturbance costs.

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