Ragley Close

Secure Council Resident of Ragley Close to the North East of South Acton moved to Phase 3.1 and 3.2 between Winter 2016 and Spring 2017. The buildings within this area will be demolished Autumn 2017 and rebuilt into Phase 7.1. To see details of what Phase 7.1 will look like visit: www.yoursouthacton.co.uk/phases/phase-7

Phase 7.1 Footpath Diversion - The footpath to the north of the An Noor Cultural and Community Centre will be closed as authorised by Ealing Council for construction works to take place to Ragley Close from Wednesday 16 August 2017. A map showing the exact route and diversion can be found by clicking here. 

Phase 7.1 Church Road - On Monday 24th July 2017 we commenced the hoarding installation for the newly started phase 7.1 of Acton Gardens. The hoarding around Telfer Close and Church Road is now complete. The footpath between Oldham Terrace and Church Road will shortly be closed off in order to completely secure Telfer Close. The hoarding around Ragley Close is nearing completion, the corner of the site which is adjacent Buckland Walk and Frampton Court will have hoarding installation commencing today. Unfortunately this will stop access to Avenue Road through Ragley Close from Buckland Walk and the footpath leading from Cheltenham Place and Church Road. We apologise for this inconvenience but it is necessary in order to safely demolish Ragley Close and build the new development. The residents of Buckland Walk will still have 1.2m access footpath down the side of Buckland Walk closest to Ragley Close, this will allow access to Frampton Court.

Tenants & Leaseholder Information - All tenants and leaseholder of this building will have been contacted however for further information about your options and the process please see our updated Leaseholder or Tenants Guide. There is also a further section within this website for leaseholders - www.yoursouthacton.co.uk/leaseholder-information. We also have frequently asked question booklets which may be of help - www.yoursouthacton.co.uk/faqs/faq's-booklets.

If you are a resident or leaseholder of this area and would like to speak with us about your move either contact:

Kuldip Mann for resident queries on MannK@ealing.gov.uk

Amar Sokhi for leaseholder queries on SokhiA@ealing.gov.uk

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