Phase 7.1

The planning application for Phase 7.1 was approved in November 2015. This is the phase that affects the areas of Church Road, Ragley Close and Tefler Close located to the North East of the estate. The proposals will provide 246 new homes, car parking and substantial semi private outdoor amenity spaces together with an upgrade to Avenue Road Park. Hoarding has now been placed around this area where the buildings will be demolished from Autumn 2017.

Two public exhibitions took place to show residents what they can expect the future area to look like. The boards from these events can be found here and here. The planning application was approved in November 2015 and the summary information can be found using this link: Phase 7.1 Application Summary  and other relevant documentation can be found using the reference PP/2015/3558 on Ealing's Planning Application Search Portal.

Acton Gardens Phase 7.1 Update - July 2018

West Side of Ragley Close Area – The construction of the concrete frame is complete to 1 of 4 of the apartment blocks on this site. The other 3 concrete frames are underway. Scaffolding has started to the first apartment block, along with the external façade.

East Side of Avenue Road Park – All 13 houses are underconstruction, 6 houses are currently at 2nd floor, with the brickwork moving up to the roof level. The other 7 houses are currently being built up to 2nd floor level. The flat concrete roofs of the houses will be being installed throughout august. The concrete frame to the apartment block on this site is almost complete, the roof slab will be poured at the end of July. Scaffolding and works to the external façade are commencing. 

South Site (Next to Mill Hill Park) – The concrete frame of this apartment block is fully complete, the external façade is progressing well with brickwork complete to L1. Internal works have commenced with underfloor heating and internal partitioning.

Yours Sincerely, Kymberly Ashman - Community Liaison Officer

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