Moving Day

What happens on your moving day to a new L&Q home?

The removals company will arrive at your home at the agreed time. If you are doing your own packing you should be completely packed before they arrive. You should dispose of any rubbish but if you have large bulky items that you do not want, you can leave these in your old home but must tell the council that you have done so.

You should take your gas, electric and water meter readings, if you have them. A member of staff from the council will take these for their records.

After you have moved you will need to return your old keys to the council by 12 noon on the Monday after you have moved. You can return them to Ealing Council’s regeneration team at the office in Enfield Road on South Acton. You will be given a receipt for your key.

You will need to contact your gas, electric and water suppliers to tell them that you have moved – a member of the South Acton regeneration team can give you help with this if you need it.

The South Acton regeneration team will be available to help if there is any further assistance you need in the weeks after you have moved. People who have chosen to move to one of the new homes being built at South Acton will receive a welcome visit by L&Q.

Also on the week of moving in you will have a home induction by an L&Q employee who will show you where all your utilities and appliances are located and how these are operated. You will also be provided with a home user guide with full instructions for everything within your home.

Ealing Council and Acton Gardens have skilled staff to help tenants move and you can expect the following:

  • A personal housing plan of your moving needs

  • Help to ensure you understand the moving process

  • Support with using the Internet to bid for accommodation using LOCATA

  • Regular updates that are clear to understand and without jargon

  • Staff to accompany when you to view properties, if requested (subject to giving us at least a weeks’ notice)

  • Organised trips to sheltered housing schemes for older residents

  • A packing service for people who cannot do it themselves and those with support needs who do not have friends or family to help

  • Help for elderly and disabled tenants (who do not have carers to help) to transfer gas, electric and other utilities

  • Boxes and tape to be delivered to your property

  • The removal of your personal belongings by our reliable removal company

  • The dismantling and reassembling of your furniture where required

  • Your appliances disconnected and reinstalled by qualified technicians

  • Vacated properties to be secured within 24-48 hours of the keys being returned

  • Process of home loss and disturbance payments promptly, normally within 28 days

  • Satisfaction surveys to all tenants who move to ensure we continuously improve our service

  • Staff to work closely with resident groups to monitor and improve service delivery phase by phase

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