Remaining Area of Acton Gardens Master Plan - Planning Application

The Hybrid Outline Application including full details for Phase 9.2 for the Remaining Masterplan Area was submitted to the London Borough of Ealing on the first of June 2018. This followed the period of public consultation and exhibitions that we carried out in the spring of 2018.

Following the submission Acton Gardens worked with the council and the Greater London Authority to agree a substantial increase in the level of affordable housing that can be delivered through the proposals. With agreement reached the planning application was presented to the council’s Planning Committee on 12 December 2018. 

Ahead of the meeting, the members of the planning committee visited the regeneration project on Saturday 8 December. They took the opportunity to ask questions about the scheme as well as having a chance to review the progress of the development to date. 

The revised masterplan will: 

  • Provide an uplift of 856 new homes within the masterplan area 
  • The whole masterplan will provide 31% increase in the number of affordable homes that existed before the regeneration 
  • Acton Gardens will be providing one in every four new homes in the borough of Ealing until 2022. 

We are extremely pleased to report that on Christmas Eve we received Planning Consent for the proposals and all being well we hope to make a start on the Phase 9.2 site in the spring of this year.

All consultation Boards presented at the public events, and all other consultation events, can be viewed here.

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