Harleyford Manor


Harleyford Manor is one of South Acton sheltered schemes located to the North of South Acton and is part of what is known as Phase 7.3 along with residents of Clandon Close, Barrington Court and Harleyford Manor. Residents from this phase will be moving into Phase 7.2 or 10.1 between Spring 2023-2024.  Phase 7.2 will be located where Clandon Close to the centre of Avenue Road and Phase 10.1 will be where Arundel House is located along Park Road North.

The future over 55’s accommodation is due to be built in two areas of the estate, the West and North. The first block is scheduled to be built in the area known as 9.2, currently where Buchan House is situated between Osborne Road and Enfield Road. The over 55’s accommodation will be in close proximity to the new community and commercial facilities being built in phase 6. The second over 55’s building will be located north of Avenue Road in the area known 7.2.

The Current sheltered residents will have the option to move to the new over 55’s accommodation or Ealing Council managed sheltered accommodation within the borough, in some cases extra care accommodation may also be an option.

For further information about your options and the process please see our updated Leaseholder or Tenants Guide. There is also a further section within this website for leaseholders - www.yoursouthacton.co.uk/leaseholder-information. We also have frequently asked question booklets which may be of help - www.yoursouthacton.co.uk/faqs/faq's-booklets.

Sheltered Scheme Presentations - In June 2017 the regeneration teams visited the three sheltered schemes to deliver a presentation with some of the updates specifically for sheltered residents and answer any questions they may have about the regeneration. To view a copy of the presentation click here,


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