Community Chest

What is the Community Chest?

The Community Chest is a pot of funding for Acton Gardens community activities throughout the lifetime of the regeneration. Acton Gardens (a joint venture partnership between L&Q Housing Trust and Countryside Properties Ltd) are committed to supporting the vibrant and thriving community and have set aside a sum of £50,000 per annum towards the community chest.

How does it work?

Acton Gardens have a Community Chest Sub Group that will review applications prior to the Board meetings and score projects, using a points system based on value for money, need of project and benefit for residents.

Whilst the Board reviews each application individually, there are a few guidelines which will help applicants to be successful with their funding request:

  • The maximum funding sum is £5000 for any single project
  • At least 60% of the beneficiaries should be Acton Gardens or South Acton residents
  • Projects must relate to community development i.e. activities or equipment that helps promotes better relations between communities, helps to develop community infrastructure, builds capacity of community groups and individuals within the community to run community activities or tackles social isolation.

How do I apply?

Following the guidelines, you would need to complete an application form and return to Acton Gardens. This would then be considered by the Board at the next Board meeting, where meetings are held every 2 months.


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