Charles Hocking House


Sceure Council Resident of Charles Hocking House have either moved into Phase 2 in October 2015, Phase 3.1 in Winter 2016 or Phase 3.2 Spring 2017. The building itself is looking to be demolished Winter 2017 and rebuilt into what will be known as Phase 6.2. To see details of what Phase 6.2 will look like visit: The Regeneration Officer supporting both leaseholders and tenants within Charles Hocking House is Leon Joseph, if you have any queries please contact him on

All tenants and leaseholder of this building will have been contacted however for further information about your options and the process please see our updated Leaseholder or Tenants Guide. There is also a further section within this website for leaseholders - We also have frequently asked question booklets which may be of help -'s-booklets.

You may have noticed a large piece of art on the side of Charles Hocking House titled Big Mother by Stik to Charles Hocking House, for further details click here.

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