Barwick House


Barwick House located on Stratford Road in the centre of South Acton is known as Phase 8.2. Residents from this phase will be moving into Phase 5, 6.1 or 9.1 between Summer 2018 - Winter 2019. Phase 5 is located on the corner of Bollo Bridge Road and Bollo Lane, Phase 6.1 where Hardy Court currently is and Phase 9.1 will be where Webb and Bennett Court are currently situated.     

Secure Ealing Council residents and leaseholders will be contacted approximately 18-24 months ahead of the demolition of their building to begin the reallocation or buy back processes. Vacant possession of the building is anticipated to be Spring 2020.  If you are a resident please ensure you have completed your Housing Need Survey at and have registered on Locata at

If you are a leaseholder Regeneration Officer - Kuldip Mann will be the officer supporting you with this process. She can be contacted on

For further information about your options and the process please see our updated Leaseholder or Tenants Guide. There is also a further section within this website for leaseholders - We also have frequently asked question booklets which may be of help -'s-booklets.

Link to home loss payment for Austen Court - To apply for your home loss payment please complete the following survey

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