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Tenancy FAQ's

What is a tenancy agreement?

• A tenancy agreement is a legal contract that sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

• It tells you what to expect from your landlord and explains what you must do as a tenant.

• You can stay in your home for the length of your tenancy as long as you keep to the conditions. Ealing Council issues secure tenancies, L&Q, like other housing associations, issues assured tenancies.

What is a Housing Association?

Housing associations are not-for-profit organisations that provide affordable homes. They are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). As a not-for-profit organisation L&Q use all of their income to provide services and to develop new homes. We have created a further FAQ about L&Q – Just ask an Acton Gardens Co-ordinator for a copy.

Who are L&Q?

L&Q stands for London & Quadrant. L&Q is a housing association which provides affordable homes for rent and for low cost home ownership. Because L&Q is a charity, they re-invest every penny managing and maintaining their existing homes and building new homes for people in housing need. L&Q are based in London, and most of their homes are in the capital. L&Q’s mission is creating places where people want to live. They do this by:

  • Building and maintaining quality affordable homes for rent

  • Building quality new homes for low cost home ownership

  • Providing accommodation for key workers, like nurses and hospital staff

  • Helping people on lower incomes buy homes through shared ownership

  • Investing in local communities to create jobs, training and education opportunities

  • To find out more about L&Q, have a look at their website: www.lqgroup.org.uk

If I choose to move to one of the new homes being built, how will my home be managed?

Once your L&Q tenancy starts, you will have a dedicated estate based officer known as a Property Manager who will be your key contact at L&Q throughout your tenancy. If you have any queries directly affecting your tenancy  a Case Manager will be assigned to you to help with you.

L&Q’s customer service centre ‘L&Q Direct’ can answer all your queries about rents and service charges, repairs and maintenance and other housing enquiries by phone, email or online. You can report repairs and anti-social behaviour via L&Q Direct on the free phone number, 0300 456 9888

Good Neighbours Agreement

In addition to your tenancy agreement that spells out what you legally agree to do and not do L&Q will also ask you to sign a ‘Good Neighbours Agreement’. A Good Neighbours Agreement sets out what residents should expect of their neighbours, and what others can expect of them. This will help make South Acton a clean, peaceful and safe place to live. Examples of do and do not’s that will be part of the Good Neighbours Agreement:


• Leave the play areas tidy if your children use them

• Talk to your neighbour first, before putting in a report about their behaviour

Do not:

• Play loud music or make noise that disturbs other people, especially during evenings and nights

• Have parties that disturb others The Good Neighbours Agreement also includes information on what you can expect of your landlord. Examples are:

  • Tackling anti-social behaviour effectively

  • Carrying out walkabouts with residents

Working closely with the Police/Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

How much will my new rent be?

The rent for housing association and Council homes away from the estate will be as advertised in LOCATA.

The rents for new homes at South Acton are regulated by central government and calculated by a formula called “target rents” that takes account of the rents and average earnings in the local area, the cost of building the new homes and inflation that may occur in the economy.

Year 2017/18

Weekly rent

Service charge

1 bedroom



2 bedroom



3 bedroom



4 bedroom



The way rents are charged for future phases will depend on government policy. The current government has introduced a new system to replace target rents. This is based on a percentage of the market rent charged for a similar property in the locality and is called ‘Affordable Rent’. To date, all of our properties have been let at target rents which are much lower than affordable rents. For more information about the difference between affordable and target rents please see: www.lqgroup.org.uk/services-for-residents/contact-us/faqs/rent-and-service-charges/how-do-you-work-out-my-rent/

The rent for new homes will be more than that paid by Council tenants on the existing South Acton estate. This is because the homes are newly built, cheap to run for tenants and offer the latest in security and service

  • Balconies accessed off the living room space

  • Storage and utility areas to free up kitchen and living spaces

  • Ground floor homes typically would have their own front door from street access

  • Common areas would have shared lifts and staircases, however these are not shared between too many homes per block

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