Sheltered Residents

For our residents living in one of South Acton's sheltered scheme below is the timetable of when residents will be moving and where the moves would be to:

Residents living in

Where am I moving to?

When am I moving

Arundel House

Phase 9.2

Summer 2021

Pembroke Court

Phase 9.2

Summer 2021

Harleyford Manor*

Phase 7.2*

Spring 2024

*(There may be the potential for some residents to move earlier to the accommodation situated in phase 9.2,which will be completed earlier) 

Accommodation exclusively for people over 55s will be built in two areas – where Buchan House is currently situated between Osborne Road and Enfield Road, and also in the area north of Avenue Road.

The current sheltered housing residents will have the option to move to the new over 55s accommodation, or other Ealing Council managed sheltered accommodation within the borough.  In some cases extra care accommodation may also be available.

For further information please see the sheltered residents’ frequently asked questions leaflet.