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L&Q Residents

Within these pages are L&Q updates for the residents living within the buildings of Phases 1 to 5. Please click your phase from the list below for communal updates:



L&Q Residents Meeting Minutes:

Please see the minutes of the last resident meeting: January 2018, June 2017, March 2017, January 2017, November 2016, September 2016, July 2016 and March 2016.

New Residents Home Manual Videos:

There are numerous video's for the new residents with information on how their home equipment works. Please click the below links for each video:

L&Q - Acton Garden Rented Maisonette

L&Q - Acton Garden Rented Flat

L&Q - Acton Garden Rented Wheelchair Homes

Homeowners Responsibilities:

We have received a number of queries regarding homeowners and their responsibilities relating to repairs. Homeowners are responsible for everything within the four walls of the property which includes items such as floorboards and the ceiling but would not usually include external or structural walls. They are also responsible for maintaining and decorating the inside of their homes. In addition all homeowners receive a plan which shows the clear boundaries of their homes. Under the regeneration project homeowners will have a 2 year defect period to report any issues but once the 2 year period expires they are responsible.

Should the resident at any time query the original install or build they are advised to arrange for their own independent tradesman in the first instance to attend and provide us with a report if they are recommending that it is the landlords responsibility. Following receipt of this L&Q will investigate the matter further. In addition if there is a dispute between the homeowner and the builder/contractor about work to be done, then the NHBC may be able to offer their Resolution Service to assist in resolving disputes about defects or damage relating to the NHBC Standards. NHBC provide a 10 year warranty and building insurance to our new homes. In addition L&Q have a Leaseholder Handbook which has very valuable information.

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