• Phase 2 Timelapse

    Danny Butcher a local artist has been working on ...... click here to continue this story

  • Countryside Customer Care Contact Details

    To discuss any Countryside Customer Care or Warranty Defects please contact Sophie Coates from the Customer Service Department on 0127 769 0601

  • Art Sub Group

    Acton Gardens are looking for any residents who are interested in art to join the art sub group. The group will make decision on future pieces of public art for South Acton.

  • Building Fire Safety

    Following the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower, we wanted to explain to residents the fire safety and preventative measures that have been built into the new Acton Garden homes. Built in features:

    • Fire barriers in any spaces to floors and separating walls to stop the spread of fire

    • External wall materials (insulation, rain screening,cladding, steel supports) are all classified as non-combustible and have limited fire spread risk according to their BBA certificates

    • One hour fire doors to each flat entrance

    • 20 minute internal fire doors to hallways within each home

    • One hour fire separation between each flat and corridor

    • Battery and hard-wired fire alarms within each home and the corridors (the communal smoke detectors are linked to the automatic opening vents which will open upon activation

    • Heat alarms and emergency lighting is in place.

    Health & safety checks completed by L&Q:

    • A Fire Risk Assessment is completed at the point of handover to ensure the building is built to the current regulations

    • Fire signage is in place

    • Monthly estate inspections are completed which would highlight any repairs or health and safety issues

    • Caretakers undertake daily health and safety checks

    • Communal corridors are checked daily that they are free of bulk items, flammable items or anything that could limit access routes.

    General requirements:

    • Buildings over 30m in height must be fitted with sprinklers (none of the new buildings are currently this high)

    • Buildings over 18m should be provided with fire fighting lifts

    • Risers should be provided if any part of a building is over 45m from where the fire engine on the ground would be positioned.

  • Berrymede School Assembley Visits

    Recently the Acton Gardens team visited Berrymede Junior School to talk to the children about the regeneration of South Acton and launched a competition. The children were asked to draw images of the local area and some of these will be displayed on the Phase 6.1 hoardings. Each child received some stationary and got to meet Bill Ding, Countryside’s mascot who taught them about buidling site safety.

  • New Tenants and Leaseholder Guides

    In June, the new tenant and leaseholder guides were posted out to all residents and leaseholders. Additional copies are available from the Acton Gardens Office or can be found on the home page -

  • Social Life Study

    A couple of years ago you may remember or were part of the social life study. Acton Gardens appointed an independent organisation to carry out a survey which measured the social impacts of the Acton Gardens regeneration in South Acton. Household surveys made up of around 60 questions were conducted with people living on South Acton to help us understand:

    How much people know, and how they feel, about regeneration of South Acton

    How people feel about the neighbourhood

    How people feel about the way Acton Gardens LLP has engaged with local communities

    Acton Gardens are now going to conduct the survey once again to see how much change has taken place over the last two years. A detailed letter will be sent to all households before the survey is launched.

  • Oaktree Centre Move


    Acton Gardens has been working with Acton Community Forum, Ealing Council and the Oaktree Nursery to relocate the activities which take place within the Oaktree Community Centre to a temporary building on Hanbury road whilst future construction works take place. This will allow phase 6.2 to be delivered ahead of schedule which will include new homes, a nursery and commercial shops.

    Over the course of September, the Oaktree Community centre will begin to move their equipment and activities to a temporary site on 5-11 Hanbury Road, W3 8RF (the former Sunlight Nursery building situated under Buchan House). The community centre will operate from the temporary building until the new community centre opens in phase 6.1 in the late winter of 2018. For more information and to book space in the temporary community centre, please contact ACF Director Michael Simms at

  • Names for New Acton Garden Buildings:

    Would you like to suggest new names for the Acton Gardens buildings, if so please complete the following submission form: New Names Submission Form

  • New Home Loss Payment Amount

    As of October 2017 the home loss payment for secure council residents moving through the regeneration will be £6,100 an increase from £5,800 - see for further details


    A mural created by internationally renowned artist Carrie Reichardt has been unveiled at Acton Gardens development situated in South Acton.  The community artwork, known as the ‘South Acton Tree of Life’, is the centrepiece of a new public square and can be seen by passengers travelling past South Acton Overground Station next to phase 3.1 of the development which includes 124 homes. To date, Acton Gardens, a joint partnership between L&Q and Countryside Properties has  developed 620 new homes (2013-2017) with a further 825 to be built in the coming2 years, making up a total of 2,517 within the masterplan.  The public art is particularly special, as it forms the first formal piece of public art within the new regeneration of South Acton. The piece, which covers a 12m by 4m wall, has been created in consultation with local groups and residents, and uses a unique application of highly-crafted fine printing onto ceramic tiles with an oak tree, the symbol of Acton, forming the central motif.

    The project, which has been supported by the Mayor of Ealing, Cllr Dr Patricia Walker is the work of world famous mosaic and ceramic print artist Carrie Reichardt. Carrie was born in the area and has strong community ties to South Acton. The artist worked with community groups, residents and local historical societies to incorporate the history and experiences of living in the area into the piece.

    ontributors included the local Youth Club, sheltered scheme, elders forum the United Anglo Caribbean Society, Berrymede Primary School, Gunnersbury Museum, and local residents, who were represented through the inclusion of photos and portraits, floral designs and patterns, and symbols. Historical photos, provided by the Ealing Gazette, were installed onto the individual mosaic tiles which together form the larger mural. A key component of the project was a mentorship scheme, which provided the opportunity for two local artists to be mentored by Carrie Reichardt and an art psychotherapist.

    Bianca Goulden, Senior Regeneration Manager – West Neighbourhood, said ‘This mural is a fantastic celebration of the history of South Acton and testament to the vibrant community spirit in the area. The unveiling of the ‘South Acton Tree of Life’ was not only a fantastic celebration of public art, but  an opportunity to thank and celebrate with the  local residents and community groups’

    Carrie Reichardt, contemporary artist, added: “The South Acton Tree of Life represents real stories, individuals, and the history of the community through pattern-ceramic printing. My purpose when working on public art projects across the world is to help local communities produce work for themselves that reflects their own social identity, aesthetic and creative vision. I’m thrilled to have met so many interesting individuals during the creation of this piece, which stands as a lasting celebration of South Acton life.”

  • Free Holiday Activites

    For Boys & Girls aged 5-21 - October Half Term, to book your place please email ADAM.WHITE@QPR.CO.UK

     Bollo Brook Youth Centre, Osborne Road, London W3 8SR





    Monday 23rd October

    9:30 - 12:00


    5-14 yrs

    Tuesday 24th October

    9:30 - 12:00


    5-14 yrs

    Wednesday 25th October

    9:30 - 12:00


    5-14 yrs

    Wednesday 25th October

    16:00 - 18:00


    Ages 12+

    Wednesday 25th October


    Kitchen Social


    Thursday 26th October

    9:30 - 12:00


    5-14 yrs

    Thursday 26th October


    Arts & Crafts

    5-12 yrs

    Friday 27th October


    Kitchen Social