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Firstly residents will be asked to complete a housing need survey, this gives the Regeneration Team an idea of what choices you would like when it comes to re-housing you in the future. Following this we ask all residents to complete a transfer application through Ealing Council’s transfer system – Locata. Some of the questions may be similar to what you have already answered in the housing need survey however we are unable to transfer your information across and further information is needed with Locata.

The easiest and quickest method for your application is applying online at www.locata.org.uk/onlineform.

Without a live transfer Ealing Council or Acton Gardens will not be able to allocate you one of the new homes. You will also need to use Locata to bid for any homes if you wanted to move away from South Acton. Delays in completing or validating your Locata application may also result in you not being able to choice the colours and materials of your new home or having your perference in floor and positioning in the building. If you are unable to apply online yourself, you may want to ask a member of your family to help you do this. If you need help in applying, or for any reason need a paper application form, please contact the Ealing Council Regeneration Team on 0208 825 9791 or visit the Acton Gardens Office at 81 Enfield Road, Acton, W3 8DD.

Locata works on a priority system where you will be given band A six months before your building is required to be emptied by the Council know as vacant possession and band B twelve months before your vacant posession date.

Please see the below guides for help setting up or logging into your Locata:

How to Create Your Locata Account

How to Login and Bid

General Information about Locata:

You can now bid online for Ealing housing - register or transfer through Locata. Six London boroughs - Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow - have joined forces to enable you to move or find a new home. Together with 12 housing associations we strive to increase the options for people in council and housing association homes.

Locata is a company set up to work with all the partners and matches people to homes. It uses a choice-based lettings scheme which means it will not be the council or housing association who find and allocate you a home.

Instead, you will become a member of Locata and actively search for a home yourself. Available homes are advertised in LocataHOME, a free magazine, which can be found at reception offices, supermarkets and all public libraries across the six boroughs. It can also be posted to you directly for a small subscription fee or you can visit the Locata HOME website. To apply for this scheme you need to fill in a transfer application form, available from your local reception office.

Locata Information:

Follow the links below for information about using the Locata HOME scheme user guide and other general information.

How the Locata scheme works

Priority bands

Key to advert symbols

Which properties can I bid for

How to bid


Personalised freesheet

Important information about tenancies and rent

General Information:

Bid Deadline: All bids for properties must reach the Locata office by 4:00pm on the closing date shown on the front of Locata HOME. Bids received after this time will not be considered eligible.

Need Help Bidding? Contact your Landlord or Registering Partner who will be able to help and advise you on how to make your bids and talk you through the bidding process. Bidding Telephone Number: 0906 294 2012 (To make bids by telephone)

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