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Who To Contact

Please find below details of who can help you with your query. All contact details can be found below.

For Individual Housing Queries (for both leaseholders and tenants)

  • Visit our Housing Surgeries
  • Visit, email & phone the Acton Gardens Office Regeneration Staff
  • Visit, email & phone the Ealing Council Office Staff
  • Contact PEP - Independent Advisors
  • Attend PEP Resident Surgeries (home appointments can be made)

For wider Community & Regeneration questions

For the Design of Future Buildings

  • Attend the Public Consultations, Exhibitions, and Design Sub Group Meetings. Please click here for our latest events.
  • Visit the Your Acton Gardens Website
  • Visit the Acton Gardens office to see the latest consultation boards and master plan model

For Existing L&Q Residents Support

  • Contact your Property Manager
  • Contact L&Q Direct for repair and tenancy questions
  • Visit the Acton Gardens Office to speak to L&Q Staff

For Existing Ealing Council Residents Support

  • Visit, email and phone the Ealing Council and Acton Gardens regeneration office
  • Complete the Housing Needs Assessment online, when your block is contacted.
  • Contact internal departments at Ealing Council including repairs, housing benefit, adult services and Council tax
  • Contact your Ealing Council Housing officer

Acton Gardens

For information about the regeneration including the masterplan, all future phases and development

  • Bianca Goulden - Senior Regeneration Manager       Tel: 0300 456 9998 Ext: 2876 Email: bgoulden@lqgroup.org.uk
  • Toni Hodson - Regeneration Coordinator                    Tel: 0300 456 9998 Ext: 6421                                   Email: thodson@lqgroup.org.uk
  • Suzanne Keys - Regeneration Coordinator                Tel: 0300 456 9998 ext: 7147                                   Email: skeys1@lqgroup.org.uk)
  • www.yoursouthacton.co.uk
  • Acton Gardens Office at 112-114 Hardy Court, W3 8DD

London Borough of Ealing Council

For decanting queries, buying out leaseholders, securing empty homes, compensation payments and determining your future housing needs, please contact:

  • David Colley - Regeneration Manager & Policy Lead Tel: 0208 825 5833                                                  Email: colleyd@ealing.gov.uk
  • Leon Joseph - Regeneration Officer                           Tel: 0208 8896 9372                                                 Email: josephle@ealing.gov.uk
  • Amar Sokhi - Regeneration Officer                              Tel: 0208 825 9791                                                   Email: sokhia@ealing.gov.uk
  • Ealing Regeneration Office at 108 Bollo Bridge Road, W3 8DD

Countryside Properties

For development and building construction queries please contact:

  • Mike Wolliscroft - Director (mike.woolliscroft@cpplc.com)
  • Mark Ludlow - Associate Director (mark.Ludlow@cpplc.com)

Priority Estates Project (PEP)

For free independent advice on the regeneration project and how it may effect you and your family please contact:

  • Keith Mann - Independent Advisor                              Tel: 0800 374 864 or www.pep.org.uk
  • Keith holds monthy housing surgeries on the first Tuesday of each month from 2pm to 6pm at the Regeneration Office, 108 Bollo Bridge Road, W3 8DD


L&Q are the housing association responsible for all future buildings  repairs, maintenance and upkeep once completed and residents have moved in.

  • L&Q Direct: 0300 456 9998 or www.lqgroup.org.uk
  • Shakira Henry - Property Manager                              Tel: 0300 456 9998 ext: 6404                                  Email: shenry@lqgroup.org.uk)
  • Acton Garden Office - 112-114 Hardy Court, Bollo Bridge Road, W3 8DD

Community Board

The board is responsible for decision making processes for the regeneration programme, spending the community chest.

  • The Community Board consists of 12 resident members who are all current tenants/leaseholders of the South Acton Estate. The board is also made up by Acton Gardens staff, ward councillors, and London Borough of Ealing staff.
  • Meetings are held bi monthly and provide the most up to date information on the regeneration project. If you would like to attend, please contact Suzanne or Toni(contact details above). For further information, please see our Community Board page.

Design Sub Group

The group was established to look at and advise on how Acton Gardens consult with residents in relation to the masterplan and design.

  • Their work includes consultations and recommendations on the design and layout of future phases.
  • For future meeting  please click here for further details.

Estate Management Sub Group

The group looks at key issues such as rents, service charges, tenants choices to customise new homes and made recommendation for naming the new blocks on the first phase

  • The group meet and discuss the array of key issues affecting the residents of South Acton.
  • Meetings are held quarterly, please email Shakira for further details (0300 456 9998 ext 6404 shenry@lqgroup.org.uk)


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